“The atmosphere was the best I have ever experienced. It should serve as an example to everyone about how supporters can influence a team and influence a game.

“Of course, this award honours both sets of supporters and the respect shown by our friends from Dortmund was absolutely typical of the world-class values that club upholds. To honour the 96 victims, their families and the survivors of Hillsborough was very poignant.

“I know we won the match and the tie, but I think everyone inside Anfield that night and watching at home – whether they were wearing red or yellow and black – knows that football can be very proud of how they represented their club.

“So, on behalf of the Liverpool team and staff, I would like to thank those who voted for this special award.

“It is absolutely deserved and I hope the special memories created that night can serve as a perfect example of the joy and happiness football can bring. And it should also show than even in defeat, you can still honour your club’s name with your actions.

“The LFC and BVB families should be very proud tonight.”